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So... Will I reach Heaven when I die?

Ten Commandments
They are the ten Commandments; not the Ten Suggestions

Tolerance? And Political Correctness?
What is "tolerance"? Are we to embrace society and be "tolerant" in all things?

Morality and the Church
How do we determine morality?

Who commits more murder? Men? Or women?

Annie in London
Annie completed the last semester of her senior year in college at a London university. Click the link to see some of her pictures.

Dinosaur National Monument
Please, click on the picture to the right to "visit" the National Monument, which straddles the border shared by Colorado and Utah.

Road Rage? Or Praise Phrase?
Do you want an alternative to hating the drivers that share the highway with you? Try a Praise Phrase!

U. S. Constitution -- Amendment 1
What does Amendment 1 really say? Does it say that God is to be removed from all parts of government?

Minnesota Target Market
Click to see photos from the filming of one of Target Market's anti-smoking commercials.   In 1999 Minnesota won a court trial against the big, well-funded tobacco companies.   The money awarded to the State of Minnesota funded the successful, youth-led, anti-smoking Target Market organization.   In 2003 short-sighted politicians took the entire $1B endowment to temporarily solve the 2003 budget crisis.   The money is gone.   The organization was disbanded.   Teen-age smoking is again increasing.  Sigh.

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Annie and Emily visiting Harper's
Corner, Dinosaur National Monument
(July, 2002)

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