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        Had you asked me in April, 2002 I would not have believed that employees of state government could meet in a general meeting room on state premises and conduct a Bible Study.  God is good!  His hand of protection is mighty!
        I overheard a co-worker wish for a Bible Study and I felt God's prompting.  It seemed that God was telling me to trust Him to work out the details.  Since our beginning in 2002, our Bible Study has met each week (except for an occasional vacation or sick day) to this day.  Jesus is GOOD!
        Each week we meet for 1/2-hour or so over our lunch hour.  It started with my co-worker and myself.  It has slowly grown and then ebbed and flowed so that we have about an average of 4-5 people attend our Tuesday noontime Study.  The Spirit is good!
        In August of 2016, we disbanded. Over the course of the past several years, attrition took its toll on our little group of fervent Believers.
        We open each Study with a prayer asking Christ Jesus to lead the discussion, to write His truth upon our hearts, and to protect the discussion from wrong teachings.
        Using our own Bibles we read the passage for the day's study, with each seeker reading several verses.  Each seeker reads from his or her Bible, which is the Bible with which they are most comfortable.  So, we hear verses from the NIV, Good News, KJV, and New KJV versions.  I find hearing the different versions quite wonderful.
        The facilitator guides the group through the discussion of the day's study using written questions and notes (which are referenced below).
        We close the study with prayer.  As we go around the table, each seeker is encouraged to say a voluntary sentence or two of thanksgiving and praise.  The facilitator ends the prayer and dismisses the group.  PRAISE GOD ! ! !

Discussion Questions
        The day's Biblical passages are again read with questions and notes interspersed throughout the verses.
        It is the facilitator's prayer that the questions and notes will encourage discussion and bring-out the Truth from God's Holy Word, the Bible.  Jesus is powerful and moving as He, through the Spirit, works within each seeker by emphasizing different elements of His Truth.  I learn so much.  Glory to God ! ! !

Biblical Versions
        Just a word about versions. My personal favorite is the New International Version (NIV-1984 version).  However, in recent years I have gravitated to the use of the English Standard Version (ESV), which is a more accurate word-for-word translation of the ancient manuscripts.
        Due to copyright concerns, I have provided samples of the studysheets (below); however, I replaced the original NIV-1984 and ESV Scripture with the King James Version (KJV), which is in the public domain.

Mark 1 (KJV)
Mark 2 (KJV)
Mark 3 (KJV)
Mark 4 (KJV)
Mark 5 (KJV)
Mark 6 (KJV)
Mark 7 (KJV)
Mark 8
Mark 9
Mark 10
Mark 11
Mark 12
Mark 13
Mark 14
Mark 15
Mark 16

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