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My Walk To Jesus

         I came to have a true relationship with Jesus Christ later in life. Those of you who chose Jesus Christ as your Savior in your youth are so fortunate because you have had a lifetime of service to the Lord.
         I grew up in a typical working-class American family.  My mother played the church organ for as long as I can remember and my father sang in the church choir and taught Sunday church school.  As a result of the activities of my parents, my brother and I had little choice but to attend our little church each Sunday.  I was confirmed, sang in the choir, too, and participated in various youth groups.
         Even though I continued to attend the little church of my youth, from my late teens into my mid-40s my church-going was in fits-and-starts.  Although, I did teach Sunday church school during one of my more fervent years.
         In retrospect, I would say that my church was more interested in church traditions than in truly following the Bible and, evidently, my somewhat regular church attendance qualified me to teach Sunday church school.  Sigh.  My teaching would have been effective, if I had relied on prayer AND if I had a true relationship with the Savior.  I truly regret the hours of the students' young formative lives that I wasted as I attempted to "teach" those wonderful fifth- and sixth-graders.  That time could have been powerful in their young lives had I known God’s Word and taught from it.  As it was, the church allowed me to “teach” and it was through my secular perspective that I attempted to guide my students in the class curriculum.
         At the time I did not recognize it, but the LORD was working in my life.  I had an opportunity to take an outstanding job in a far-distant community, which was two-hours (about 110-miles) from my family.  Because we had not completed the painting of the exterior of our century-old, two-and-half-story home, I rented a studio apartment in my new town and returned home on Friday evenings to reacquaint myself with my daughters and my wife.  I also spent a good part of the weekend on scaffolding, so that I could sand, caulk, and paint.
         Shortly after I started my new job, a friend Rudy would occasionally invite me to a Bible study - something Rudy called Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  I always had one excuse or another, but eventually I decided to go – once – and then… just maybe… Rudy would no longer mention his Bible study during our conversations.
         It was January in Minnesota and the New Year had just begun.  I was back to work after the Christmas holidays and I decided to mollify Rudy once and for all.  So, I attended BSF that first January Monday...   "Hey, Rudy, get off my back about this!"
         But something happened that I had not planned.  I returned the following Monday night.  I liked it!  Bible Study Fellowship filled my evenings, since I was apart from my family.  And I found that I had a hole in my heart that started to fill.   A hole that I didn’t even know existed.  After God’s Word began to fill it, I wanted more and became increasingly aware of what I had been missing in my four-decades of life.  (I am convinced that if I had not been apart from my family, I would have allowed any and all excuses to interfere and never would have accepted Rudy’s invitation.  Truly, a God thing.)
         As it was, in March of that year I accepted Jesus.  While some people can tell you the date and hour they accepted Jesus – a personal epiphany - I can only unequivocally state that I know in my heart (my soul) that Jesus accepted my prayer and that His Holy spirit dwells within me.  "And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God's possession -- to the praise of His glory." [Ephesians 1:13-14 NIV]
         Over the past 14-15 years that I have attended Bible Study Fellowship, during eight (or so) of those years I have had the privilege of facilitating one of the 12-15 small groups that comprise our BSF class.  
         Through BSF I have grown to know the importance of a personal relationship with Christ Jesus who is the Son of the living Lord God.  It is my prayer that all who read this will also come to have a personal relationship with our Lord.  It is the most important decision a person has to make.  It is more important than marriage.  It is more important than deciding to have an abortion.  It is more important than living a “good” life.  Your choice determines where you will spend eternity, with someone who loves you for who you are (warts and all) or with someone who will make your eternity a living hell.  It is your choice.

         As a Believer in Jesus Christ I know my eternal destination. Do you?
         If you are unsure of your eternal destination, please write me at or call toll-free 1-888-NEED-HIM (if you prefer all numbers: 1-888-633-3446).  May the Lord soften your heart as you seek an eternal relationship with Him!  Amen.

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