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        Really!  Try a Praise Phrase.
        Many states have car licenses that use three alphabetic letters as part of the license number.

        When I am surrounded by poor drivers (of course, I am NOT one of those), I look at license plates and make a Praise Phrase.  What a wonderful opportunity to turn my angry emotions from railing at the drivers around to me... to praises and thanks to the LORD MOST HIGH ! ! !  And I find that my angry thoughts dissipate as I praise the LORD.  Thank You, LORD!

        "What is a Praise Phrase?", you might ask.

        For instance, a license might have letters like these examples:

CKW 000 is an abbreviation (or acronym) for
Caring King is Wonderful".

GAC 000 might become
God Anointed Christ.

JIX 000 becomes
Jesus Is Exalted".

PUM 000 translates to
Perfect Unchanging Master!".  Wow!

        "Praise Phrases" are between you and the KING.  So, you can make up your own rules.  I found abbreviations for "N" words difficult until I stumbled upon the Latin phrase "ne plus ultra".  "Ne plus ultra" means "the highest point of perfection", which is just the perfect description of the One True LORD!

        I use words like "exalted" and "excellent" to substitute for the elusive "X" word.  Somehow "x-ray" does not convey much Praise.

        And I like to make sentences, so I add in little words, like "is", "a", "the", and "and".


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