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Target Market: MN Youth vs. Big Tobacco

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          In March, 2001 Target Market aired a television commercial directed at Minnesota youth.  The objective was to make young adults aware of the profound impact tobacco-industry advertisements have on them to promote the life-changing habits of tobacco use.  Whether the use of tobacco provides an aura of cool, hip, or grown-up, the result is the same: bad breath, smelly clothes, reduced lung-capacity, and an addiction that masquerades as “I'm cool.  I can quit anytime.”  Lies!

The photographs below were taken during the filming of the commercial on a cold, crisp winter's day (January 17, 2001) on a farm west of Stillwater (MN).

“Marlboro Man” stuffed with tobacco print ads

Filming crew getting the actors and cameras ready for the final shot

“Marlboro Man” on-fire for truth in advertising

One actress tries to stay warm in the warming tent

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