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       Dinosaur National Park lies across the borders of Utah and Colorado. It is rugged, beautiful, semi-arid, and home to the fossilized remains of ancient dinosaurs.

       We hope that you enjoy the beauty and diversity of this gem of the National Parks.

Trail to Jones' Hole

Near the start of the trail to Jones' Hole        A chuckling mountain brook        American Indian artistry

On the walk to Jones' Hole        Rafters on the Green River

       The photos above were taken during the 4-mile hike to Jones' Hole. The path is well-worn and leads the walker along a meandering creek at the start of the trail, through a flat, dry canyon bottom at mile 3 (approx), and ending at Jones' Hole on the Green River. Beautiful country!
       Native Americans recorded some of their history in marvelous pictograms (photo, top right).  Unfortunately, "modern" man has left his arrogant mark.

The View at the End of the Trail at Harper's Corner

Harper's Corner

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